Chaga - 1 lb.

Chaga - 1 lb.


This product is used for medicinal purposes.  There is a large amount of information about this product and its properties.  It is not a product that is good for eating.  It is meant to be made into capsules or tea, just like reishi.  It is organic from the USA, GMO free.  Please be sure to do your research before using this.  


To make the tea, heat  8-10 cups of water up slowly to 120F degrees and add 5 golf ball chunks to it, let sit on a low temperature for 6 hours or longer. If you need to boil your water because of where you live, allow the water to cool down to 120F degrees as to not damage properties of the Chaga.  We use a water jug to store the chaga in the refrigerator. You can store the tea for 14 days. Drink 3 cups a day. It is good hot and cold, it has a very mild tea flavor, not mushroom flavored at all.


Do no take chaga with penicillin and do not use intravenous injections of glucose.  Those substances are antagonists to chaga.  Consult your physician.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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